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Uterine fibroids are extremely common among women. However, not everyone with uterine fibroids needs to seek treatment, and you can have them without even realizing it. However, when fibroids cause heavy menstrual bleeding, pelvic pain, urinary frequency, infertility, and lower back pain, treatment is needed.

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“It’s my personal and professional belief that too many women have had unnecessary hysterectomies. Based on my experience, this is a last resort for me after all other options have been explored.”

-Dr. Steve Yu

Am I a Candidate for the Acessa Procedure?

For years, the only way to treat fibroids was through a hysterectomy or a myomectomy. These procedures directly impact the uterus, either by completely removing it or cutting into it. The Acessa procedure was designed to treat uterine fibroids without harming the uterus.

Candidates for the Acessa procedure are women suffering from disruptive symptoms of fibroids.  If you believe that your symptoms are related to uterine fibroids, you should not have to bear the symptoms any longer. With the Acessa procedure, you can begin to feel like yourself again.

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Dr. Steve Yu discusses minimally invasive gynecologic surgery (MIGS).

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How Is the Acessa Procedure Performed?

The Acessa procedure is the most minimally invasive laparoscopic procedure in fibroid treatment. It works by applying controlled heat to the fibroids, which shrinks them and relieves symptoms. The patient is under general anesthesia during the procedure to ensure they do not feel any pain. Two small incisions are made on the abdomen. A camera and the Acessa ultrasound probe are inserted through the incisions so that your surgeon can identify the location of the fibroid. Each fibroid is then treated with controlled heat. This heat destroys the fibroid tissue and causes it to shrink over time until the fibroids are soft and small. At the end of the procedure, your incisions are closed.

What Is the Recovery From the Acessa Procedure Like?

For the first few days of your recovery, you will want to spend time resting. Most women are able to return to work and their normal daily activities four to five days after the procedure. You may experience soreness in your abdomen, but prescription or over-the-counter pain medication can be taken as needed.

What Are the Results of Acessa?

The intended result of the Acessa procedure is for the woman to be relieved of her fibroid symptoms. However, results are gradual since the fibroids need time to shrink. Most patients see an improvement of their symptoms in three to six months following their procedure.

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